Answer these questions for yourself.

  • How much of your time is spent meeting the needs and wants of others?

  • What is important to you?

  • What do you worry about?

  • What can you do to feel successful in all you do?

  • What is your plan to handle inevitable changes? 

  • How do you find time for You?

  • Where do you want to be one year from now?

What Is Core Energy Coaching?

Core Energy Coaching begins with a simple premise: All people are continually experiencing energy, in one of two ways: catabolic or anabolic energy. Anabolic energy is constructive, fueling, creative, and works for a person. Conversely, catabolic energy is destructive, draining, and works against a person. The type of energy we experience fluctuates throughout the day and inside of situations. However, because of our attitude and the way we interpret our life experiences, we wind up experiencing the same type of energy over and over again.

Through Core Energy Coaching, I can help you raise your energy levels and become more aware of your choices and actions. As a result of this shift to greater anabolic energy, you are more apt to inspire others, more open to innovation and possibility, and far better able to pursue goals and find fulfillment in your life.

(Core Energy Coaching is an integral part of iPEC’s methodology and postulated by Bruce D Schneider, founder of iPEC)

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Assessment & Debrief package

  1. Book your FREE 20 min Session (See below)

  2. Complete client intake form and coaching agreement.

  3. Take the Energy Leadership Index™ (ELI) - a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables you to hold up a mirror to your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors and overall leadership capabilities.

  4. Review your ELI report and schedule time to debrief.


Coaching package

  1. Book your FREE 20 min Session (See below)

  2. Complete the “Wheel of Life” (See FREE Worksheet Below)

  3. Experience Breath, Begin, Breakthrough session.

  4. Complete Intake Form and Coaching Agreement

  5. Book and attend coaching sessions over a three month period. (Weekly or every 2 weeks, at a time convenient for you.)

  6. Phone and Email Support Included.

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create your life as you Choose


  1. Book your FREE 20 min Session (See below)

  2. Clarify the Values unique to you

  3. Assessment & Debrief Package (ELI or 360)

  4. Complete Coaching Package

  5. Discuss career and personal development

  6. Plan your customized developmental roadmap.