The Self-Promotion Code

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How to Promote Yourself and Advance Your Career 

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April 20 @ 1pm ET

April 27 @ 1pm ET

Get ready to challenge your own assumptions on what it takes to speak up and tell others about your skills, your accomplishments and yourself.

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Here’s just some of what we will cover 

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The 4 common self-promotion mistakes most women make and what to do instead.


Why your great work does not

"speak for itself". 


Tips to make networking not so dreadful.


Your boss is the obstacle. What do you do?


A single action you can take TODAY that will immediately shift you towards welcoming more recognition and greater opportunities into your life.


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About Nancy...

For more than 25 years, I worked in learning and development at large global corporations, leading teams, and managing projects. My passion to develop individuals and groups in both technical and personal skills contributed to a successful career -- one I loved. And yet, I was always looking for more. I wanted to make a deeper difference in people’s lives.
I stepped away from the corporate career track in 2017 to become a Career Coach.
I now help women find greater career satisfaction, enhanced work-life balance, improved leadership capabilities, and meaningful personal growth. And I love this new path even more!

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